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Chesapeake Sport Horse is the informative website presented by owner, trainer, Mom and musician, Charish Campbell and Hundred Acre Wood, LLC. We offer our clients access to a top of the line facility and beginner through FEI level training located on 35 acres on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Our manor house, affectionately named "Trespasser's Will" (also from "Winnie the Pooh"), is available for private parties, fundraisers, and summertime Jam Sessions. We have a modest home recording studio where we rehearse with our band, and also do some outside projects for local musicians. Charish has extensive experience in PR and Media development carried over from many years of working in sales in the horse business, nationwide. Between 2007-2012, Charish was able to facilitate gross sales totalling over $500,000.00 in fine Sport Horses. As the economy has been affected, so has the horse industry overall. Working in music has provided our family with an opportunity to stay closer to home, and an unlimited ceiling of potential income. There are many parallels between the music industry and the horse industry, both are rooted in God-given talent, self discipline, and rely on a regimented process. Charish truly enjoys working with other musicians, and also enjoys being always "available" for her family in a way that she wasn't able to be while constantly travelling for horse shows, clinics, and media gathering. 


Balance and harmony are integral to Ms. Campbell’s philosophy in all things including training, instructing, and in her general approach to life with horses, work, and raising two children. Ms. Campbell accepts horses and riders in for week long, intensive training and wellness. She can tailor a program to suit the needs of the horse and the goals of the owner. Non-competitive horses and sales horses also warmly welcomed. Buyers can stay at the nearby Robert Morris Inn (www.robertmorrisinn.com)  to try any of our horses here, under Charish's supervision, or to bring your horse in for a week long intensive. Charish's daughter, Emily, has recently earned her license as a Massage Therapist. Emily continues her study with long-time family friend - and Soul Sister, Jeffra Sinclair, learning about both horses and humans. Emily brings a fresh understanding to our program for horses, she understands bio-mechanics, and has a good success ratio at achieving optimum results in her hands-on work. She is also available for appointments locally, so if you would like to host a day with Emily for your clients, let us know, and we can set it up! 

Hundred Acre Wood generally has stalls available for weather-related emergencies, or short-term boarding, as needed. 


Dressage is the cornerstone for all riding disciplines. The word "dressage" is French, it means simply "to train" or "training".



We encourage you to come tour our facility to see what we have to offer.

Please contact Charish to set up an appointment or to discuss our horse and rider programs, recording opportunities, or party planning. Our house Chef, Kenny Knopp, awaits your menu requests! 

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